Enjoy Your Life at Ginza


Enjoy Your Life at Ginza


Enjoy Your Life at Ginza


Enjoy Your Life at Ginza

Ginza Karaoke & BBQ Lounge

Ginza Karaoke Spot & BBQ Lounge, in the heart of Barracks Row on Capitol Hill, takes its design cues from Tokyo's Ginza district, which features its most famous shopping, dining and entertainment. The building’s second level, dubbed Ginza Karaoke, is a karaoke lover's haven, split into an array of distinct areas. The largest room can accommodate up to 28 people, while two mid size rooms can accommodate groups of up to 18, and five more smaller rooms can accommodate up to 8 people each. One level up on the third floor, the Ginza BBQ lounge offers a menu of traditional Japanese BBQ favorites. Served alongside a selection of starters and desserts, all can be enjoyed with one of their many unique cocktails. Complete with its own outdoor rooftop patio, the laid-back vibe and welcoming service makes it the perfect spot to unwind, relax, and have an unforgettable meal,

During the day, the 3rd level lounge is the perfect spot for an unique take on Afternoon Tea, with a selection of desserts and bubble tea. The desserts include Cake Rolls and Crepe Cakes, which are made from stacked layers of cream and thin crepes, fashioned into a tall cake. Crepe cakes, available by the slice or whole cake, include flavors like White Peach Oolong, Matcha, Thai Tea and Passion Fruit and Cake roll flavors include Taro, Oreo, Red Velvet and Chestnut. All can be paired with Bubble Tea, served in traditional flavors like Brown Sugar, Thai Tea and original.


Ginza BBQ Lounge (3rd Level)
Mon - Sun: 11:30am-12:00am (11:30 am-5:00 pm for Dessert and Bubble Tea, 5pm-12am for full menu)

Ginza Karaoke Spot ( 2nd Level)
Mon - Tue:Closed
Sun/Wed/Thur: 5:00pm -1:00am
Fri - Sat:5:00pm-3:00am


Ginza Karaoke Spot&BBQ Lounge位于国会山兵营街(Barracks Row)的中心地带,其设计灵感来源于东京最著名的购物、餐饮和娱乐场所银座区。该建筑的第二层被称为银座卡拉OK,是卡拉OK爱好者的天堂,分为一系列不同的区域。最大的房间最多可容纳28人,而两个中等大小的房间最多可容纳18人的团体,和五个更小的房间可容纳多达8人。位于三楼的Ginza BBQ酒廊提供传统日式烧烤美食。配上精选的开胃菜和甜点,都可以搭配他们的许多独特的鸡尾酒享用。完成与自己的室外屋顶露台,悠闲的氛围和热情的服务,使它成为一个完美的地方,放松,放松,并有一个难忘的用餐,





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