Reservation policy

Rental room fee is charged by per hour 

          Minimum booking is for a 2 hour reservation through our booking system, the payment from our booking system is for holding the private room, which will be deducted from your final bill.
If you need additional time for your reservation or have any questions, please give us a call 202-290-1183 or email us & All the modification must be completed though email. We don’t accept any phone call reservation or modification. If you have any questions about special event, contact &

Cancellation policy 

      The deposit is used for holding the room and will be deducted from the final bill. All the cancellation or reschedule must be noticed at least 48 hours ahead of the reservation time, otherwise guests will lose their deposit.

Ginza Karaoke | Small Room Reservation
(VIP2 & VIP4 & VIP5 & VIP6 & VIP7)

1-8 guests

$58/Per Hour

Ginza Karaoke | Medium Room Reservation

1-18 guests

$78/Per Hour

Ginza Karaoke | Large Room Reservation
(VIP1 & VIP3)

1-28 guests

$98/Per Hour